Field of Honor and Unity Walkway

First off, the name of the field where Fort Compher stood and where the Battle of Plymouth monument is located is now called the “Field of Honor” and the brick walkway will be called the “Unity Walkway.”

As with the compromise that took place with the monument, the same is for the brick walkway. This will be a joint North/South walkway.

The left side of the walk leading to the monument from the parking lot will contain edge stones containing the names of the Union units and the right side will have edge stones for Confederate units. The bricks in the walkway will be intermingled both North & South, symbolically showing both sides coming together. Hence the name Unity Walkway.

We did our best to keep the cost down for the inscribed bricks. They are $75.00 The cost of the Regimental Edge stones are $140.00.  This is not a fundraiser. This is for the cost of the brick or stone, inscription and installation. We wanted to keep the cost down so that more people could participate.  It is more important to us that these individuals are memorialized than using this as an opportunity to raise funds for something else. However, some additional funds are needed to create the regimental edge stones and maintain the grounds.
If you have the desire, please donate additional money to this cause as you feel led.

The brick inscriptions are not limited to soldiers who served at the Battle of Plymouth, but any Civil War soldier you want to memorialize. There will be a special inscription on the bricks of those who served at Plymouth, so those individuals can be recognized.
No businesses or advertisements will be accepted.

The Unity Walkway is a joint effort between our society and the Plymouth Pilgrims Society. We will be handling all of the brick orders, installation and upkeep.

Please see the two attached pdf documents to order your brick.

Monument Order Form 1 is for ordering bricks. The second link is for ordering Regimental Edge stones. Please check the box on the brick ordering form if the soldier you are requesting a brick for served at the Battle of Plymouth.

The Unity Walkway is the next step in taking the Field of Honor to another level. There are a lot of ideas bouncing around for future improvements. Some ideas include a flag pole, benches, landscape, etc.

The opportunity to honor your ancestor has become a reality. Please consider our options and respond accordingly. This monument is on private property and is monitored by the Washington County Historical Society.

Brick  Order Form