Generous donation to support Cushing’s Launch trailer

Thanks to Frank V. Smith for his generous $6,000 donation to the WCHS towards our Cushing’s Launch trailer fund!

cushing's launch replica-250w

Now our beautiful, full-sized replica of Cushing’s steam launch boat (above) will not only be able to be transported around Plymouth with ease, but will also be free to make its way even farther away from its home port. Through the years we have received inquiries from a variety of Maritime, Naval and Civil War organizations interested in having our unique boat on display at their museum or event, but unfortunately we have always had turn them down due to our inability to transport the boat safely and efficiently. But thanks to Mr. Smith’s generous gift, we are now very close to being able to embark on our trailer construction project!

 So excited to see our launch hit the road (and the water!) more often!