Project Overview

The South Shore Agricultural History Project, sponsored by the WCHS, is a year-long project aimed at preserving and celebrating the agricultural heritage of eastern North Carolina for future generations. 

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The SSAHP project is administered by the Port o’ Plymouth Museum and a volunteer committee of local residents. All committee members work or have worked in the agricultural field for most of their lives and are passionate about educating the public about the history of agriculture in eastern North Carolina.


With an aim of creating a permanent Albemarle – Pamlico Peninsula agricultural history research collection at the Port o’ Plymouth Museum, the first goal of the project is to compile the personal stories and recollections of as many local farmers and other agricultural workers as possible. We are doing this by focusing our collection around “oral histories” gathered through recorded interviews with a variety of subjects – the young and old, men and women, full-time and hobby farmers, hired hands, farm spouses, 4-H youth, etc. Interview subjects will be drawn from the four-county region of Washington, Tyrrell, Beaufort and Hyde.


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In addition to the interviews themselves, we also will gather material items like farming photos, farm maps, home videos, etc. According to the wishes of the donor and our needs, items will either be kept in the Port o’ Plymouth Museum’s permanent collection or will be accepted on a temporary loan basis to service the final culmination of the project – a traveling exhibit.

The exhibit will open in the fall of 2015 and will rotate through each of the counties represented in our collection – Washington, Tyrrell, Beaufort and Hyde.


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